Confessions of the "I-also-lost-data" kind

I had to put this in a separate post since this is so typical of business / government.

Quoting BBC

More firms "admit disc failings"
Several firms have admitted security failings in the wake of the loss of two discs containing 25 million people's details, MPs have been told.

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas told the Commons justice committee that public and private sector bodies had come forward "on a confessional basis".

He said they were not on the scale of the HM Revenue and Customs mistake, but more would "come out in the wash".

Wash ! What is this ? Some laundromat type "samudra manthan" which will churn out the evil. And then there are private and public companies and government departments talking here and there is no indication where these leaks are. So all you have to do is keep a watch on your account.

Talking about leaks and washing and all the evil creeping out of the woodwork - Check out my next post about the Drivers License information leak.

Finally - the question is - do these people care ? I mean the guys who are the 'leaders' in these companies or departments and are responsible for the budgets etc. Every IS engagement is strapped down for money and dollars just trickle down.

More later.... after we check out the next "leak" and confession.

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