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'No cover-up' on lost driver data
The minister who knew that millions of drivers' records had gone missing in the US said he assumed his successor would hear about a probe into the loss.
Stephen Ladyman was transport minister in May when the details, including names, addresses and phone numbers on a computer hard drive disappeared.

Sadly this minister "assumed" that his successor knew about the discs lost by their contractor - this is an indication of his understanding of the criticality of the incident. Then the department contractor lost the discs in their "secure facility" Then the loss was reported to the police seven months after the loss was discovered (was this a PR afterthought)

Note: It is apparent they do not have a communication plan in event of an incident of this magnitude, so am I convinced that they have a "secure" facility ! Apparently the facility is so secure that anything secured within it is so strongly secured that even the keepers cannot find it.

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We will not know what has happened with these companies or departments as part of post-incident analysis (excluding the damage control efforts by the PR people) it will be interesting to know about the learning from these incidents and the measures they have put in place (measures for training users, controls to prevent incidents, encryption and daa classification)

And have they communicated this leak to the affected people !

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