GE Money loses Credit Card data !

Another case of media being lost. This time it is GE Money and they seem to have lost the backup tape which was 'supposed' to be at the backup storage facility. So much for record keeping in the age of PCI compliance. The tape is encrypted (Thank God !) and has the Social Security Numbers of 150,000 people (My God !)

Read the full story at IDG.....

230 retailers affected by data breach after tape lost
The tape contained Social Security numbers of 150,000 customers
Robert McMillan

January 20, 2008 (IDG News Service) -- A backup tape containing credit card information from hundreds of U.S. retailers is missing, forcing the company responsible for the data to warn customers that they may become the targets of data fraud.

The question is whether this is the norm ? Should the consumer expect this to happen and live with the fear of identity theft or unauthorized access to his/her bank accounts. With this sort of stuff being reported in the media every so often, is it too small an expectation that an organization handling large amounts of sensitive data will do a self assessment / self-check.

Just to make sure that things are okay at home !

Or do the security officers believe that their systems are the best and safest and that the crap is in the other guys house. Where fools tread we find foolhardiness.

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