LOST .... data ! A naive UK Rev & Customs Dept.

This is coming quite late on the blog but I find that there are follow up incidents. Is anyone surprised with other Governments trying to out-do the UK HM Revenue and Custom Department's loss of 25 m personal records ?

Well among the top 10 screw-ups in 2007 was the loss of CD's by this hallowed department responsible for handling the child welfare payments. The naive department folks are not aware of encryption or secure handling systems.

Prime Minster Gordon Brown had apologized for the lapse. And so has the Chancellor after underplaying the loss. It seems that this booty is worth more than a BILLION Pounds in the wrong hands.

One Billion !!

"Contrary to what I said at the time, we must go after the idiots who lost the discs and stick cocktail sticks in their eyes until they beg for mercy." - Jeremy Clarkson (TV Host)

He (Jeremy Clarkson) tried to show that it was no big deal and got burnt. Read what happened to him when he published his bank information....

Well as in any storm - there is a lot of flotsam which gets carried in it's wake and this is no different. Many "confessions" of data losses have come up and these confessors are in the line up to the office of the UK Information Commissioner Richard Thomas. So are there any names ? Is anyone talking and doing something about safeguarding the identity (or information) about the people who are at risk.

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