ATM Card ... Con swipes card in Pune

Place : Pune
Victim: J G Kantikar of Connection Systems
Perpetrator: Unknown

Amount of Loss: Rs. 7.18 lac (US $ 15,000)

Incident: Kantikar's has an account with ICICI Bank and last used his ATM card for a 5K withdrawal at the bank machine. A week later when he tried to use the card it did not work and he followed up with the bank's call center. Another couple of interactions followed with the bank and he finally got a new ATM card etc.... but in the interim he was informed that his account had been cleaned with a 7.18 lac broom !

The police is investigating and assume that the card was cloned and is used.

My observation: If we assume that the card was cloned what how did the criminal get his ATM PIN. Obviously the bank machine location was compromised if this was the last place where he used his card. Else, the sequence of events reported may be incorrect. This post is based on newspaper / media reports.

Media reports:
Indian Express

Pune Mirror - Jan 16, 2009

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