Himachal Pradesh (HP) - Email fraud

Location: Hamirpur (HP)
Jan 2009
Perpetrator: Unknown

Amount: Rs. 200,000 (US 40K)

Email Fraud / Lottery / Nigerian Scam

I came to know that a case of email fraud has been registered with the Police in HP. From the details I got, it seems this is a Lottery / Nigerian 419 scam and someone fell for it and has lost money.

The cops have been able to identify the bank accounts and cellphones. The criminals used fake information for all accounts and are yet to be identified or arrested. The victim deposited money into multiple accounts and this leads me to believe that this was a Lottery or a 419 scam.

BTW I am a member of Open Security Alliance and we plan to have a repository of scam emails and guidance on how to spot / avoid / report this.

It is true .. a sucker is born every minute ! and the world of the internet gets more than one newbie user every second.

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