Hoax bomb threat at tech company in Powai, Mumbai

Location: Powai, Mumbai
Victim: Accenture
Perpetrator: Ravindra Patil, a Security Guard

Amount: ....

Patil made a phone call to the security office saying that a bomb had been planted on the premises. The police was called in and during investigation they checked incoming call records and found there were no inbound calls in the 1030 - 1100 hrs period. The investigation was narrowed to search internal calls.

Eventually, Patil confessed saying that he made the call to check if the security team was alert to respond to such events.

He should know better than play such pranks. Now he has been arrested and will pay a big price for the fun he was seeking.

Citizens should realize that any such hoax call brings a lot of pressure on the system and causes unnecessary losses.

Planet Powai : Call Centre Security Guard Raises Bomb Hoax Call, Arrested

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