Mumbai - Nigerian held in 419 scam

Location : Mumbai .. Jan 29, 2009

Caught: Mmereole a Nigerian resident using the alias of Dr Wada Nass

Nigerian email Scam a.k.a. 419 Scam

Kudos to Mumbai Police Cyber Crime cell for their success in arresting a Nigerian national on charges of fraud.

A Mumbai resident reported the scam offer to the cops and they trapped Mmereole accepting an advance against the "shipping and processing fees" that were to be paid.

As we all know the Nigerian or the 419 Scam is the oldest one running on the Net and this has been followed by many more sophisticated scamming schemes. However, this one does not seem to die or go away. According to the report India is a favorite hunting ground for the scamsters which is not surprising considering our strong belief in destiny / fate / God's will :)

Lucky Mr Arvind who smelt something fishy and went to the cops.

On a lighter note the name used by this Nigerian was Dr Wada Nass and in Punjabi this can read "बड़ा नास " which means 'big loss" .......... I wonder if the Nigerian knew this and was having an additional secret laugh while running he scam :)

Media reports:
DNA, Mumbai : Nigerian held for lottery fraud

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