Spear Fishing.... from Ghana to Kochi with Love but unsuccessful !

Location: Kochi, Kerala
Victim: The Metro Film Society (M Gopinathan)
Perpetrators: Unknown from Ghana

Amount: $ 1600 - was demanded but not paid

The email account and blog of the Metro Film Society was hacked. A mail sent out purportedly by M Gopinathan saying that he was stuck in Ghana and appealing for $ 1600 to meet immediate expenses with the request that this be sent through MoneyGram / Western Union.

Of course, this was a hoax and (thankfully) no one sent any money.

The Film Society is recreating their blog and setting up a new email address.

Organizations tend to use free public email services like gmail / hotmail without any thought about the security of their (official) communication and the security of the same. In addition to the safety / security of the data and the account they have no traceability of the mails sent through the accounts.

Either they must operate mails through their own server (best practice) where they have control or they must go in for paid accounts on the free mail services.

The primary objective is to have control on your data and to ensure the sanctity and security of the same.

Media Reports:

Ghana Business News : Indian Film Society's e-mail hacked in Ghana

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