Technology News... fandling and funching

Location: NOIDA / New Delhi
Victim: Mayank Bhatnagar at Tech Mahindra
Perpetretor: his wife Neha

Incident: She punched him and broke his nose ! He was fandled (womanhandled / femalehandled as in manhandled) or funched (female punch) :) and had to call the cops. Well they are husband and wife and things seem to have gone too far in the fighting department.

My observation:
First you may want to know how this is a security incident - well clearly TM has to take care of the security of their personnel. HR policies, all over the world, say that employee security and safety will be taken care of.
In this case, if the cover did not protect Manyank outside his office then TM has a learning here - they should include domestic violence and protect the employee. What if the employee is on a critical project and now he / she cannot attend to work which will suffer and cause grave harm to the company :)

And even the Police say that it is a "sensitive matter" yes it is sensitive for sure - his nose is going to hurt for a few weeks. And she will have a sore fist.

Who says that the security or the tech world is bland and geeky. These instances serve to break the myth. Here Mayank has clearly been "nehaed" and he should thank his stars that bobitization has not yet arrived in the tech world.

I had read this in Indian Express, Pune sometime in the second week of Jan.

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