Adult estore breach can bring about a larger risk...

Sometime back it was reported that the estore selling condoms online could be compromised. The incident seems to have resolved itself since there were no further reports in the news about the same. Of course, the company has not issued any statement providing assurance that there was no other compromise / breach.
A malicious cracker will use such information to extract ransom from the site's users using the threat of public disclosure. Recently this happened in Japan where user information of an adult website was compromised. The criminals then contacted the users asking them to pay a "ransom" so as to protect their identities from being released online.

People pay up ! Yes they do... and pronto when faced with this situation. The problem is that you can very well use a assumed identity when registering with the adult website but you cannot use an assumed name on your credit card and the card billing address. This means that when the thief steals information he/she got all your data unless the site owner has put in some safeguards.

The only piece of advise here is - practice safe ... :) proceed with caution and make sure you are protected. All this sounds good but then there is nothing like 100% risk free and everything that tastes good is usually not good for the health. Besides, sometimes condoms are said to have holes too .. now that's what I call more dangerous than the holes in the network.

For your reading....
Durex India eStore spills customers' personal details • The Register
By John Leyden
Posted in ID, 26th March 2010 13:04 GMT
A site that sold Durex condoms in India has threatened a whistleblower with a legal nastygram in the wake of an admitted security breach involving leaked client details.

And about the ransom con..

By Gregg Keizer
April 16, 2010 12:36 PM ET

Hentai anime fans' IE bookmarks posted online -- unless they pay $16 to remove proof of porn use

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