Timeline of Slippages in National Cyber Security

There was this article about the computer of an armyman being hacked - on reading it I said to myself - this is old hat ! We do not seem to learn and continue to keep ourselves vulnerable.

Major’s comp hacked, info leak feared
TNN, May 07, 2010
Flouting Norms, He Kept Secrets In PC; Army Denies Spying

As we look at what has been happening in the past few years one cannot but ask - is this not enough to wake us up ? If not then are we waiting for the sky to fall.
I have put together a chronological list of hacking incidents over the past few years and (thankfully) there aren't many of them. However this does not mean that we do not put safeguards in place and this has obviously not happened because the same targets have been attacked time and again.

2010May 07 Major’s comp hacked, info leak feared Flouting Norms, he was carrying secret documents in his PC; Army Denies Spying.
2010May 07 Chinese ‘son of ghost net’ grabs Indian secrets Rajeev Deshpande | TNN The list is big ! Indian Missions at Kabul, Moscow,Dubai, UK etc; a machine in the National Security Council Secretariat; Military Engg Services ... so much more!
2010 April 27 Woman diplomat accused of passing secrets to Pakistan, arrestedTimes Now She was sending information to her handlers by email ! Her laptop is seized and being examined.
2010 April 28 India arrests diplomat for spying for Pakistan AP, Washington Post same as above...She was sending information using email ! Her laptop is seized and being examined.
2010 April 06 China's cyber espionage - tip of a very large iceberg: InvestigatorSandeep Unnithan, India Today This is about the Shadownet exposure. I am just linking to one media article, there is a lot of more about the research published on Shadownet and Ghostnet.
2009 Dec 00 Attack on PMO and other high ranking minister offices The attack included other targets like the National Security Agency etc.
2009 March Ghostnet disclosure Researchers at Munk Univ, Canada announced their finding about Ghostnet and comprmised Indian assets.
2009 Jan 27 Embassy of India in Spain Serving Malware iframe injection and the Embassy website starts serving malware.
2008 Dec24 Eastern Railways Web portal is hacked Whackerz-Pakistan hacked the website and put up a message saying that cyberwar had been declared.
2008 after 26/11Various portals attacked by a group named Pakistan Cyber Army Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, ONGC, Kendriya Vidyalaya (Ratlam) among others that were attacked.
1999 x x www.armyinkashmir.com hacked The site was hacked and misleading photographs were posted.
1998 Oct Zee News, India Today hacked by Pakistani groups GForce Pakistan and Pakistani Hackerz Club make their claim to fame and call for a stop to nuclear tests

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