Indian Embassy ... old domain is a porn site !

I keep telling myself that I shall stop writing about the bad things but then something like this comes along and I just get hassled. 

Indian Embassy site becomes porn site
PTI, Jun 25, 2010, 05.05pm IST

DUBAI: A web portal which once belonged to the Indian Embassy in Bahrain has now turned into a porn site with a local telecom services provider blaming the mission for the lapse.
The Teen Porn website, located at, was used by the Indian Embassy before they moved to last year. 

read the article online at the TOI site ..  
It is obvious that the Embassy did not have the admin rights for the domain because they say that they dropped the domain because they changed administrators. I mean don't they have a clue about how domain names are purchased and how their ownership is managed.

The Embassy does not hold ownership to their own address and theey don't have a clue about this. The new domain name was taken in Feb 2010 and the old domain moved to the new owners (in Cyprus) in March 2010.

Now they have gone back to the company who did their website earlier and (obviously) they are told that the person who was looking after their site has moved to India. Well I do know about some people in that company and I don't think anyone moved back.

The first mistake is that of the web developer whom these Embassy walas are calling administrators. The development company must make sure that domain admin rights are with the owner and must educate that person about the value of the name.

The second mistake is of the Embassy folks who let go of a name they have been using for so many years just because they changed addresses. Did they not think for once that they have been using the domain name since 2002 and the web address is so old that it will still show up everywhere and can be misused.

Now a porn site is using the domain and it serves them right to be in this mess - both - the service provider and the Embassy officials.

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