Surveys... Norton Survey for India 2012 ... read with a lot of salt

Another India report and at first one is happy then by the time you are through it you wonder you are reading some fuzzy fiction or what.

I haven't got a copy of the report but came across some tidbits from these articles in the media and wanted to record my high and low feelings as I read about the findings which make up the report.

The report states "3 out of 4 Indians said they would rather give up $ 1 mn than allow access to their computer". While I like this statement and would like to give full marks to the level of ethics attributed to my countrymen /women but this does not fly in the face of reality, especially when I think about 10 or 20 rupee bribes (that is not even 50 cents). 

I am sure their respondents would have answered more honestly if they had said 5 crores ;-) Everyone knows prize money offered in dollars will never come but many crorepati chances exist ! 

Else, if Norton had a corollary to the question - what about your neighbour's PII ? 

One of the above articles calls this finding "fantastic" ... need I say more.

Forget Indians, I bet anyone anywhere will happily give up PII, get a million and migrate to another country with a new identity !

Then we have to thank God for giving us Mr Hall, Symantec and Norton for coming along to save the online Indian. According the report the online Indian used multiple devices to connect online and does not know how to protect him/her self. 

So, to save our brethren there is hope - Norton is going to provide a 360 anywhere solution which will be an all-in-one solution for security on PCs, mobiles and tablets. 

Gentlemen you are doing the country and community a favor by assigning resources to carry out market surveys and I highly appreciate your investment.

This is the reason why I have no comment for the other findings reported about internet habits of the online / connected Indian

I also understand that there has to be a ROI from any investment but then why water down your effort with such statements and findings - you are a pillar of respectability in the  security domain and do not need to milk every single rupee you spend. The Bhagvad Gita says that you do your good thing and good results will follow - you do not need to flog the horse it will bring you home. Why did you not do a reality check with your own in-house team which is full of highly respected and accomplished security professionals. 

One hopes that the marquee InfoSec giants that operate in the country will support and publish non-commercial, original and authentic surveys and reports. This will be very welcome and highly appreciated and will surely bring good karma to the firm resulting in good business too. 
Take a look at my blog mention about a FICCI-Pinkerton report two weeks earlier, and the many other "industry interest" driven reports it is no wonder we are starved for facts. 

And truth, as they say, is always hard to come by. Until then we live in a world fuzzed by FUD and dartboard-happy statisticians :)

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