Of NRI cousins and friends and unsolicited advice!

OK so we have another 'important' foreign figure making a grand pronouncement on the state of cyber security in the country. And the solution is a "cyber vaccine" - so what is that ! 

Oh it has to come through combative education plans - and what pray is a combative education plan ? Obviously ECC has the antidote and the Indian establishment is clueless. 

Come on Jay - you are a global figure and it is not good for your credibility to make sweeping statements like this. Especially when you may not know what is happening here. 

Yes the 500k number mentioned in the NCSP is BIG and may not be achievable. Everyone knows that. And everyone also knows that if we do hit 500k where the F are all these guys going to be employed !!!! NSA ?? or EC C ??? In any case you should have said some thing good because this translates into good business for your certification. 

My friend you will be shocked to see the people who are working in the Indian establishment and the work they are doing. What they can do and what they are doing against the odds. 

I don't think anything better can be said about the state of cybersecurity in the developed world - this is a world of snake oil, FUD and carpet baggers all over. Everyone, including me, speak about EVERYTHING on earth with great conviction like we are Gods last gift to mankind and the ignorant public and media just lap up every word. 

So if you live in USA, it will be good to wax critical or eloquent about things American, if in Canada then sing 'oh Canada'. My point is that India can handle what is here and at the most will trip a few times but then who doesn't.

It's just that it gets my gall when my rich friends and cousins living overseas in their time and culture wrap pontificate about the state of things "back home" without a clue about ground realities. 566 IS professionals - where did that come from - i remember some foreign security report talking about that number !

Do I assume that the multitudes of CEHs and AFCEHs are not worth counting!

And yes - my disclaimer is simple - I do not profess to know EVERYTHING about whats happening in the country. I am just thin skinned when it comes to passing judgment on India by firang entities or making outlandish statements. 

And yes, the NCSP is a good thing. it is late - yes and so are many things. We have got one. It is not perfect and I am yet to publish my critique on it and I shall ! 

Cyberwar, cyber plague, cyber vaccine .. hello - i did not hear cyber pearl harbour or cyber 9/11 or cyber 26/11.



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