Cybersecurity lectures and safety days and weeks ... Part 1

About Cyber Security Lectures 

Everyday I read about lectures being conducted by so many people across the country, sponsored by the local police or some or the other security company using money from their CSR or any other budget. I find them to be good initiatives and applaud the effort of all the people who are doing this but (frankly) I am not impressed ! 

Reasons - these are flash in the pan efforts. Go give a talk and walk away. Did any one understand what you said, why etc ... these are all unanswered questions. From what I have heard these are "magic shows"and the presenters have to show some FB hack, some google hack, pwn someone's mobile phone, show some XXX stuff to get the audience laughing into their pocket. Who cares about the experience of the presenter so long as someone sent him and it is a funny free time for the participants. 

No one asked so no one set the objective for these so called awareness or training programs for the children in school or college. They have very different lives and pressures and did we identity these issues before going and doing a program with them. 
(I do know that for many it is a money making thing - do a 2 day program, give a certificate to the college student, make Rs 1000 per person - split with the college - go home with a cool lakh in your pocket) 

If you guys see Balika Vadhu - Colors  (this is a soap on Colors TV in India) you will appreciate their effort at showing a date rape and MMS crime. No dont laugh - go get the episodes from youtube and view them.  (I mean don't laugh at me for watching the soap!)

Then I came across this article from Rolling Stone (put up by my friend Shyama) and it provides a detailed analysis based on the investigation of a girl who was traumatized by her friends into committing suicide ...

We shall see such episodes in our country too and the need is to concentrate on social and personal problems, risks and threats that is posed by the Internet and technology rather than the technical aspects we seem to be focused upon. Yes the kids need to learn about technology or VAPT but not in grade 4 or 5 or 6! 

And the final question - do their teachers and principals know about the extent of the dangers ? What about their counselors ? Did anyone share the training program with the counselors and try to find out the type of problems that are being addressed?

I would like to know about your experiences and thoughts and shall welcome comment - in public or via private message. 

I shall soon write about the celebration of Internet Safety Days and weeks and months ... !

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