Foot in the mouth disease afflicts the establishment - shameful statements for national security

Today is a sad and shameful day when a person no less than the National Security Advisor (Mr Shivshankar Menon) of the country has trivialized security breaches in the (supposedly) most secure confines of the Indian Government infrastructure. 

As reported in the media he has made irresponsible statements like 
"A mere fact that some computer is open in North Block and South Block and is accessible, does not mean that therefore there is big gap in security."
"not every leaked password is a big threat to security"

I really do not know whether to cry or jump off a cliff especially when I know I am living with such people heading security for the country. First we had our Minister (Mr Khurshid) who was very quick to forgive the Americans for their NSA-PRISM snooping calling it patterning and that they were "really not snooping".

Of course if someone shows you evidence of the holes in your underwear you will keep your mouth shut and happily take all the shit that is thrown at you. Then you will go to town claiming that this is not humiliation but is actually adding to your dignity .

No one has the guts to stand up and say we are being raped - this country which is supposed to be Incredible and what-not. Not even a whimper from any of the hallowed institutions which are supposedly responsible for cyber security in the country.

In any case who will stand up to the NSA or the Minister or the people in power and tell them they are not wearing their robes! 

The country is sold every other day with thousand crore scams by politicians and their cohorts. Innocent lives are lost because the defense forces do not have the money to spend on submarine repairs or MIG upgrades. Farmers commit suicide and floods and famine co-exist to wreak havoc on the motherland. 

And all the while we fart with false pride. In simple words, I am plain angry, hassled and I am sure this is the same state of many of my other fellow countrymen and women.

Does the country have any hope when the PMO, DRDO, MEA, MHA, CBI and other sensitive institutions are "haped" every now and then - and the powers that be take pride in their hour of humiliation.

If the people who are responsible for security in the country have such a cavalier attitude, how can we expect any sort of responsibility on the part of government institutions or law enforcement or judiciary?

Well it is a dark day for the country to realize that we have a funnily irresponsible NSA who also has the foot-in-the-mouth affliction. All that we can do is ... "havan karengey, havan karengey.." 

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