Information Security Buzzwords

Every year (or is it every 6 months) we find a new trend in the IT or IS world and this is seized upon by all and sundry. Conferences revolve around these buzzing trends, million dollar business is contracted and zillion dollar investments are made by VCs and folks with lots of money!

I got a start with this article from the CISO platform website and added some of my own thoughts... 


Threat/Cyber Intelligence
Everyone who is anyone in the security business is talking about TI and offering it. Many different flavors and definitions but whether it is providing value to anyone is everyone's guess. In any case, someone's makin' a good load of money here.
Internet of Things - IOT
IOT is hot hot and hot.. and it is huge. Every product is good for IoT, so is every threat and vulnerability and risk. Be prepared for more FUD and a lot more happiness. Who will win the game - anyone! However, we will see both - the IoT vendor and the security practitioner making good. 
I have seen one organization offering IoT training! Don't ask me what the training does but it is offered regularly and costs about a 100 bucks. 

Software Defined Network or Software Defined Perimeter
Not yet mainstream buzzword and I too came across it quite recently. SIEM is passe and this is it. It will be quickly climbing up the MQ and you will soon hear it more frequently so keep watching the space. 
Everyone is setting up a Security Operations Center! Don't say SIEM because it is the only thing in the SOC.... old wine new bottle. What will a SOC do is still being investigated. 

This seems to have lost it's bite and the FUD associated with APT doesn't seem to be as scary. Or maybe humanity has developed immunity to this strain. 
Were big things and every enterprise was mucho concerned about this. Whereas there was no reason to really worry because there is nothing you can do to stop the march and onslaught of mobile devices. This is like telling your workforce not to wear shirts or pants to work!
Other Notable Keywords from CIO Platform are some other notable keywords seen at the floor

If you have any suggestions please submit and make this list more interesting :)

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