nasscom-symantec will resolve global skill shortage

When this was announced I did have some strong thoughts but kept my counsel to myself. Now when I read the last para in this news item I felt like clapping and kicking someone. 

Just two questions - does the Nasscom-Symantec jodi (couple) really think they are going to resolve the global problem? I want to invite readers to applaud this statement which is bound to make many chests fill with air in the corridors of power, not to mention them being laughing stock of the global community making banana statements. 

Second question - does Nasscom think the country lacks the capability to devise adequately strong training programs? 

Saala no one wants to put money so how do they expect anyone to do this ... just don't have five star hotel conferences and don't stay in five star hotels for a year and you will have enough money to create more than world class programs. Besides, there are many people who travel across the country delivering lectures to LEA, school and college kids and these guys are working selflessly - so is their knowledge worth nothing. Sad to see small thinking continuing to plague these supposedly "national" organizations... especially in a time when they speak 'make in India' and then go "make-out without India" . 

Nasscom pitches for building skills in cyber security | ET Telecom

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