Pandora's box opening .. dot SUCKS TLD is here

New TLD goes on sale from Sunday 21/6 - Book your .SUCKS domain
- IndiaWatch
Yes you got it - the new TLD that will be available is .sucks and there is bound to be a big rush on opening day. If you have a big brand, trade mark or a well known company or celebrity client - make sure you book the domain name before any of the trolls, criminals or dirty guys get it.
It's like someone rushing to get or and the Congress party looking for or the BJP getting their hands on
Looks like fun or more litigation, claims and counter claims. The domain registrars will make it good and so will my lawyer friends.
So be prepared to do this immediately if you want to protect yourselves and your clients. Oh yes the domain squatters will be also out in full numbers at the 'first day first show' to take the names and then sell them back at good profit.
It seems there was a "sunrise period” (…) during which trademark holders could apply and protect themselves, but IndiaWatch has not seen any media report which could have brought this to the notice of stakeholders. However it will be interesting to see how this works out in the country and how the judiciary will address this new threat to IP and reputation.
The .sucks registry is manged by and they have a few other TLDs which are pending approval. Quoting the report on The Register they (Momentus) defends itself as saying it is empowering consumers to start conversations about brands. It's therefore created an "advocates program" that gives away free .sucks domains to "cause-related, customer service-driven and politically partisan websites among an even wider set of domains devoted to helping people make a point and rally a community."
You want one? Pay $249 - check out the pricing. And if SUCKS is not good enough wait for dot-GAY or some other controversial TLD.
As for me.. I am old school and believe in not doing bad to anyone so I hope no one wants to do something bad to me so I am sticking to dot-COM.. man I cannot afford 250 bucks and try to fight the world.

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