Holy Cows of Information Security and all else...

Colonialism and slavery may (supposedly) have been abolished decades ago, but the mentality of serf and master remains and you need to just scratch some surface a wee bit for the supremacy bug to show up. 

Recently we had Mr all-white American Marc Andreesen advising on bringing India back to colonialism so he can make a few more billions by shoving some free-basics up the brown assh**** idiots- I found it funny that he did NOT issue a call for revival of slavery in his own country (becasue NN is not yet accepted and the concept is more or less rejected by the Americans ... so according to Mr greatness bring back slavery LMAO) in his diatribe. 

This is not the first time I have seen white (western) supremacy raising it's head and showing the world (sorry I should say ... showing us brown assed bums) where we brownies stand. 

I remember I was dismissed in a show of whiteness when my gift was unceremoniously dumped by a big-time analyst at an international conference in UAE. I had carried a gift for him which I handed over to him and he threw it in a corner when he went out. (I shall bong him someday)

So I know better than most (or the others don't speak up) but I can bet they feel it. 

Of course brownies have to show they are superior so they try the same stinking routine on the blacks (but that's beside the point). And I do not really have to write about the busy cops and nigger-haters in USA. Whether Mr MA is one we don't know (yet).

I just got pissed off an hour back and started writing this piece - when I heard about some Public Sector Undertaking (A Government of India organization) and one of the Police Departments blatantly supporting a security product only on the basis that it is recommended by some analyst. 

So I got thinking about the holy cows of security - the analysts, the big 4's 5's 6's and X's. I have friends in all these organizations and I have a healthy respect for them until they start faffing about holiness. Okay you have history and you have done tons of work and there is good and bad work. 

Do you want to see evidence of some shitty security audits by a BIGGIE - I can share in black and white. Do  you want to see evidence of analysts goof up - hahah I can help there too .. they have cool magical waves. And about frauds being perpetrated by any of the BIG or SMALL folks - there is plenty of matter available on the internet and we can only type 'andersen' to get a truckload of holy crap
My anger is not with these organizations as they are multi national and they have to make their money and they have built their practice and brands and there is a lot of value in what they do. 

My anger is with the Government organizations who blindly follow any written or spoken word. My anger is with these multi-national organizations when stoop low and they bad mouth a local competitor - if you want a dirty fight I shall be happy to take my gloves off and name names. 

However, we Indians have played fair since time immemorial, and got screwed many a times in the bargain. Even now we are happily getting screwed by our own people and neighbors - but we take it easy and only request - do not take this for granted. 

So what has happened is that these Government entities are out openly supporting a foreign product when a locally developed one is available. And after all the noise of Make in India and Startup India etc - if the Government itself does not support local developers and enthusiasts maybe it will be a good idea for all InfoSec guys to migrate. Then we can continue with our havan of 5 lac professionals which will remain constant. 

It is a shame when these Government departments refuse to consider and are trying all tricks to get the local guy to stay out (paisa khaya hai kya) on grounds of quality. I find this most funny because the firang company is also under a cloud and these government buggers are talking as if they know all the sh** about quality in the domain. 

No effing product is 100% secure and if I get an Indian product which is -55 or  -10% in terms of quality and 50% or less in price then WTF !! The government must pay same price and still accept a bit lower quality. 

Again I want to ask WTF do some of these guys in purchase know about quality of product they are buying. Just by reading some analyst report and catalog he /becomes an expert and does not ask the real expert (my friend who sweating it out in the corner room and working on the machine)

Anyway - without demeaning anyone - the  BIGGEST issue here is about supporting Indian enterprise. If the Government entity does not support the Indian researcher and developer then there is no point talking about Make In India in security sector. You might ass well lie back and enjoy the hape - tell the media not to get excited reporting about War room leaks and PRISM and Ghostnet or PMO leaks... (साला ले रहा है मजा तो लेने दो = let him have his fun!)

The question now is who will stand up and tell the Indian buyer in government or enterprise that there is something called self respecting reliance. Who has the guts to stand up and put some holy cows in place and say something that is detrimental to their interest.... hahah - this challenge is too big. (even I am writing in third person for fear that some one ego gonna getta hurt bad and then he gonna comma getta me)

And believe me I am not gonna let go of this s*** - and will appreciate any support. 

[update] A disclaimer: Many of my western friends are absolutely cool people and they are not analyst cool! This holy cow sorbiquet applies to many "dudes" like the guys mentioned above as prime examples (BTW the guy who browned me also is of the same size and build... go figure) and it applies to those entities who are considered to be God's gift to mankind by all whom they deign to talk to. 

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